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          發布者:艾美捷科技    發布時間:2021-09-22 12:00:19     

          Hycult Biotech代理

          Hycult 官網https://www.hycultbiotech.com/


          Hycult Biotech是一家專注于設計、研發、生產以及銷售抗體和其相關產品的公司,其特色產品是天然免疫及相關領域的免疫分析試劑,例如補體, 嗜中性粒細胞蛋白,TLP,清道夫受體以及急性期蛋白等。除此之外,Hycult Biotech公司也可以提供炎癥反應和細胞損傷等方面的產品。Hycult Biotech的宗旨和策略是著重于天然免疫相關疾病的研究,為人類生活質量的提高謀福利。作為免疫學和細胞生物學領域的領導者,Hycult Biotech公司不僅研發這些用于生物科學研究的產品,同時也致力于將這些科研產品轉化為臨床測試的研究。該公司與40多家主要的國際研究機構有著緊密的合作,因此,他們可以持續提供多種創新型試劑。Hycult Biotech公司在1988年就已經獲得ISO-9001質量驗證,2007年獲得ISO-13485驗證,2009年獲得CE質量認證。Hycult Biotech公司憑借其先進的理念,高效的研究團隊以及嚴格的質監系統為廣大科研工作者提供高質量的產品及周到的技術服務。

          Hycult Biotech代理武漢艾美捷科技有限公司授權書


          Hycult Biotech代理授權書


          作為在中國的區域Hycult Biotech代理,艾美捷科技有限公司將為中國客戶提供最全面的Hycult Biotech公司的產品以及抗體的訂制和偶聯服務。


          Hycult Biotech designs, develops, produces and markets antibodies, antibody based products and more specifically immunoassays for innate immunity and directly related fields, with an emphasis on complement, neutrophil proteins, TLR, scavenger receptors and acute phase proteins. Furthermore, we have a strong interest in progressing research in the area of inflammation and cell damage caused by pathogens or oxidation factors. 


          Hycult Biotech&rsquo;s mission and strategy is to advance insight in innate immunity related diseases, for the benefit of individuals and their quality of life.


          As a leader within focused fields of immunology and cell biology, we develop products for the life sciences and in accordance with our mission it is our ambition to facilitate the transition of these products from research use into diagnostic testing. Many of our reagents are developed in close cooperation with scientists worldwide. Hycult Biotech has built a strong network with over 40 close scientific collaborations with leading international research institutes. We contribute to numerous projects and as a result, can continuously offer early access to an expanding range of innovative reagents. Hycult Biotech has been ISO-9001 certified since 1998 and we upgraded our certification to ISO-13485 in 2007, with a milestone of our first release of CE marked assays in 2009. Our vision, knowledgeable team and quality management system guarantee products of the highest grade combined with excellent technical service.

          Hycult Biotech代理




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